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I teach 8th-grade English and social studies. I write and send it out to the editorial world. In the beginning, I only occasionally tot published. Now, more so. But still far to go, if we consider the big glossies, whose publishing heights look like the Theodosian walls.

As of 2018, I have two books of poetry out. You can find them (where else?) at Amazon, a click and a cart away from your mailbox (or, if service is like mine, anywhere the guy happens to toss the cardboard box):

The Indifferent World (2016)

Lost Sherpa of Happiness (2017)

I read. Lots. Well, more when I’m not teaching, because teaching — done right — takes a lot of prep and a lot of feedback.

I think. Too much. Thus, this — an outlet for when I feel like blathering on (and on) about this (or that) with excessive use of parentheses (and the dash, which I love — almost as much as parentheses).

I also have a poetry blog where I’ve spent more time since poetry overtook me. It’s called kencraftpoetry: Updates on a Free-Verse Life.

Thanks for reading!



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