My New Book Is Out

Indifferent World

Like how casually I said that? As if I ever had an OLD book out?

Whatever. Enjoy the moment, St. Andy Warhol once said. It’s fleeting. So am I. And at my age, you avoid Fleet Street all you can. Know of any very long streets I can stroll?

The new book is called The Indifferent World and it is available from my publisher. Or, if you want a signed copy, you can buy direct from me and hope the pony express I employ gets it to you as fast as amazon prime. For that purpose, I’ve fired up a separate poetry-only blog site here.

Pretty cool, no? (Rhetorical question)


9 thoughts on “My New Book Is Out

  1. I already ordered it from Amazon. You will have to send me an autograph. I can paste it on the flyleaf. Heh! I am so happy for you. Happy writing my friend, you did it before I left for places unknown. I plan on being here a few more years , so get cracken. I figure you can churn out about fifteen or twenty more books, before I croak.


    • Oh, hi Carol. Just answered your email. Didn’t know you amazoned for a copy. That’s fine. Signed ones are probably worth less than unsigned ones, anyway. Unless I become famous. Same odds as the Marlins winning the World Series this year, I think. Some distinct place between Slim, Georgia, and None, Florida.


    • Thanks, Linda in Beautiful Montana! I think your state alone would inspire a book of poetry. Heck. Maine’s mountains are small fry compared to that Rocky Road Show!


  2. Dear Ken, how lovely, thanks so much for telling me. How will I get your book? I don’t think it will make it all the way down here in the antipodes. If you can send me the book, can you tell me how to pay you? I have a PayPal account!.Oh yes; your dog; How could you! You called him that name and now I can’t find it. Poor fellow!And he still isn’t allowed on the carpet. I have been reading your work – who knew?! I like it very much and I am very proud of you. I really like your Photo, you chick magnet!Best, Gabi

    Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2016 09:29:02 +0000 To:


    • Thank you, Hilary of Ireland! One poem is about a bus driver taking Irish Lit. at night school, it so happens. The poor woman is reading Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, yet! 😉


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