Thoughts While Waiting Out a Cold


Once upon a time we had a school nurse who said February vacation was necessary not so families could escape to DisneyWorld and not because teachers needed a break but because the school needed a breather from viruses.

Honestly. It’s like working in a Petri dish. Great way to make a living. And a breeding ground. For not-so-secret, viral agents. Double Oh 7 days to recover, typically.

So, as I sit here trying to balance my bowling-ball head, hacking up phlegm, feeling the scratch and the not-so-funny tickle of a throat in the throes, I can’t help but think random thoughts. Maybe they will distract me.

  • Can anyone believe today is the last day of January?
  • And that Monday ushers in the good, the bad, and the ugly of February?
  • The good: Super Bowl Sunday (relax, splurge on the food, and berate the commercials).
  • The bad: Valentine’s Day (a fraudulent date where you’re told to show your love–or else–and, like a lemming, do just that).
  • The ugly: Snowfall typically reaches its peak expression. In the Boston area last winter, its peak expression was around 12 feet 4 inches above my snow shovel.
  • Is it me, or does Ted Cruz look like a sleazy undertaker in a suit? Very. Creepy.
  • My independent reading has reached a polar pace, but that’s faster than my exercise regime (which today consists of typing).
  • Does anyone else think the professional tennis betting scandal is but the tip of the iceberg? Throwing a match (game, point) is just too easy.
  • Listening to: Daniil Trifonov’s Chopin Variations by Rachmaninoff.
  • But it will never match my all-time favorite Rachmaninoff — the Vespers, as sung by Robert Shaw Festival Singers. Write to it, sleep to it, weep to it. It’ll understand, even if it speaks Russian and you don’t.
  • I could use a freak, sunny day in the 70s along about now. I’d be a turtle in the sun. I’d even shell out for one, if it could be bought.
  • Comfort foods in winter conspire against us. But what a pleasure the conspiracy is!
  • Something I don’t get: All the Jane Austen fans. Really?
  • A year ago I made a big push on cleaning out the books. But the Empire Strikes Back every time. Once again, the books are winning the war and the bookshelves are going undercover.
  • Hey, reality TV ratings will be in from Iowa and New Hampshire sooner rather than later. Who gets voted off the island? I suspect Rand Paul, Chris “Macy’s Parade Balloon” Christie, Doc-in-the-Headlights Carson, and that guy hanging around Hillary and Bernie. The one who works for 3M, maybe.
  • Lazy man’s supper: Pancakes and maple syrup with New England Pats of butter.
  • Speaking of, the best team won last week in the Patriots-Bronco game. Everyone’s saying Broncos-Panthers will be a blow-out, though. I hope not. I can only stand watching one Cam Newton self-congratulatory dance, thank you. Egos. They’re a dime a dozen.
  • Did I mention Ted Cruz and funeral homes already?
  • No snow days so far. All together now: Hold your breath!
  • Looking forward to No. 5 in the My Struggle series, coming out in April (at least in the States). Karl Ove’s navel-gazing is fascinating stuff, for some reason.
  • At the UConn Dairy Bar recently, I was behind a student who bought a large bowl of ice cream and instead of taking it to a table, held it up, took out her cellphone, and photographed it. I’m sure it was on a social network site before she even sat down. Hashtag Who Cares, kid! (And yes, it’s come to this–people photographing their food before eating it.)
  • My poetic output of late is nil. Nil! “Write about that,” the experts would say. Write about nothing? But that’s what I’ve been doing! All too well!
  • Groundhog Day is but two away. Stupid “holiday.” Great movie, as B-grade movies go.
  • Does anyone else take their birth month personally?
  • Prediction: If Bernie burns Hillary in both Iowa and New Hampshire, a Democratic Dark Horse will begin to make noises in the stable. Uncle Joe’s Stable.
  • Watching a college basketball team with potential and potential only = maddening. Repeat after me: It’s only a game, it’s only a game.
  • Anyone ready for March roaring in like a lion (or however the hell it likes) early? I thought so.

If you got this far, congrats. Have a good week, friends…



2 thoughts on “Thoughts While Waiting Out a Cold

  1. Poor Baby! Most of the stuff that your poor little Brain has presented to us is over my head. Except Comfort food = Pancakes with Maple Syrup and New England butter! . I have to get back into the diet and exercise; body not a pretty sight and clothes rapidly becoming unwearable.

    Tennis. Not my bag, but did you see any of the outright sandbagging by the players. The two little shits Tomic and The Kid, playing for Australia, dropping the ball and anything else that they could and did get away with, like casually telling the guy on the ladder that they weren’t playing any more separately announcing they “weren’t well” and walking off court.

    Serena Williams. what can you say. I wonder how much she won on the betting.

    ‘Dark Horse’? ‘Uncle Joe’? Which Joe? The one I’m thinking of would be well composted by now. Is there another one in that (THE) Family?

    I have had my other, (Right) cataract removed, got a cancellation. That is both now done in the space of 2 months. Yay! It is truly painless, just in case you wanted to know. No? Suck it up!

    Love and a cuddle. Get well soon.


    • “Uncle Joe” would be Joe Biden, our vice president. And the rich guy from New York, there. Former mayor. Bloomberg. That’s it. Supposedly if it were so bad as Trump vs. Sanders, he’d jump in with his Daddy and his Warbucks.

      Know all about cataracts, as Mom went through it. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone! Have a great day!


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