Crossing the Bar: Halloween, Daylight Losings, and a Real Fall

pumpkinThis weekend we cross the bar: “celebrate” Halloween (mostly its passing, which is always a relief), return to time as our fathers  (and mothers) knew it, and experience, just maybe, a “real” fall with genuinely cool temperatures.

Let’s start with Halloween. Wine gains character with age, but trick or treaters? Not so much. Alas, as the age of “childhood” in our time has extended from the toddler years to age 35, so has the age of trick or treaters. Once upon a time, no teenager (read: age 13 and up) would dare dress up and go door to door to demand tribute in the form of “treat or treat.” Now? A different story entirely.

That’s right. In addition to those cute little boys and girls in super hero and fairy princess costumes, you’ll find “kids” in the throes of puberty begging up some sugar. Is there no pride? Maybe among lions, but not sweet-addicted young adults who see the word “October” and the number “31” as license to grab their welfare bags (read: pillow cases) and make the rounds.

Daylight savings? I’ve written on these pages before that this is a fraud perpetrated by those most unreliable of scoundrels, politicians. Do politics and clocks mix? They do not. Are there studies proving Daylight Savings helps in any economic, social, or political way? There are not. So why do we do it? (Here’s where you listen for the tree that fell in a forest with no one to listen.)

Finally, with the advent of November, we stand better chances for a full week without temperatures tipping the 60s. Better, I said. We are not far from the years where 60 may be the norm in New England well into December. Nonexistent global warming (hat tip to Republicans in Congress with their bought-and-paid-for “scientists”) will see to that. Thus, for you and me, a few more years, maybe, of “somewhat normal, but not so normal” (was that part of Greenland I just saw floating by?) weather to enjoy.

Season’s greetings, then. Break out the sweaters. See if November needs them.


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