In Which I Psych Myself Up for a Run…

dog runThe deal with running is starting. Period. Once you start, momentum does the rest. Even uphill. But there’s no uphill that can match laziness (steep!), rationalizations (long!), or procrastination (potholed!).

Another hazard is busy-ness. You can do things like, say, write a new blog entry and mutter, “Well, yes, I’d planned on running, but right now I’m busy writing this blog entry. My blog, after all, has gone wanting for days. No. Weeks. How can a little aerobic love-handle shaving take precedence over that?” Rhetorical question, of course.

“And really, this third cup of coffee is not a ‘would-be-nice’ but a ‘must,’ for everyone knows that caffeine infusion before running is beneficial to the aerobic cause. Unless you tarry for a fourth and begin to float past the resolve that said you’d run in the first place.

“So dress up. It’s minimal and the easiest sport to prepare for. And the coolness of the early morning. It’s ideal. And once you’re out on the streets, the birds and the sun rays filtering through the trees’ canopy will carry you the rest of the way.”

Oh. And when I finish, there’ll be that feeling of accomplishment. Like after giving blood. Or going to church. Or finishing a particularly challenging but character-building book (Moby-Dick, anyone?).

Then there’s this. If given the chance to run or not, what would a dog do?

Life is ruff, folks. I’m off…. (picture blogger in Asics exiting the building and fading into the asphalt-arteried developments of suburbia).


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