The Eagle Has Landed (in a New Nest)

eagle“Hello, it’s me.” Todd Rundgren, I believe. Anyway, I’m back with the occasional random thought, the now-and-then trickle from the Stream of Consciousness (one over from the River Lethe, I believe).

I’m having one hell of a time getting my act together in school this year. Returning to teaching two subjects after three years of half-time teaching, half-time curriculum coordinating is not so easy — especially when you try to be Superman in both subjects.

Reality is Kryptonite, my friends.

Anyway, I’m trying to declutter my life. I’ve signed off on the pay-to-blog service I gave my left ventricle and inner being to these past three years. At one time I was naive enough to think I could write a teaching book based on its entries. Accent on naive. By the end, it just became another time drain.

Now there’s a theme: DRAIN. As in the draining heat and humidity we’ve started school with in New England. August was so-o-o cool. Especially in Maine. Turns out, it was just another of God’s practical jokes. “Just wait,” He said from behind some burning bush or other, “until September when you get into one of those factory-like, flat-roofed, oven-bricked school buildings. I’ll make you all stars with my favorite star, the Sun of God. Heh-heh.”

Whenever God says, “Heh-heh,” duck.

So this new thread is a freebie, but only for 3 KB or some such. You tell me how much space it will take to fill up. I haven’t a clue. But I’ll find out. And this time I’ll write about more than just teaching. This is more a general blog. About life. How’s that for big tent?


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